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Meditation & Wellbeing – Be an IntrAnaut

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Wellbeing for Peace, Health and Happiness
(Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Illness)

Explore the space of your mind to find inner resources you didn’t know you have.
Use mindfulness and other types of meditation to develop your wisdom and confidence.

  1. This meditation app offers many sessions from a range of teachers at no charge.
  2. Listen to guided meditations and talks, or read articles. Join courses or live events.
  3. Wellness experts give advice so problems don’t get in the way of your evolution.
  4. Be a part of the movement – be an IntrAnaut pioneer and explore the last frontier.

A growing resource: with monthly additions of meditation teachers (from many traditions and none) and wellness experts, side-by-side. We aim to provide you with what you need to uncover your true essence and evolve.


  • Why many people say they cannot meditate – and how to get past that!
  • The 7 ways to meditate (mantra and visualization are 2 of them).
  • Ways to increase your energy, and heal your body and mind.
  • And a whole lot more!

The most exciting part is the live events – either listen in, or TALK to the teacher/expert.
Become an IntrAnaut and begin your journey into the immense depths of your amazing mind.

Who is the App Owner?

IntrAnaut Academy is a brand of the Meditation Teacher College. The college is a not-for-profit, social enterprise. The aim is to provide first class training to aspiring and inspiring meditation teachers. This is a part of a wider drive of it’s founder, Colin Ellis. His mission is to be a part of the evolution in consciousness of the planet.

IntrAnaut Academy is aimed at the general public. To awaken within you the wonder, joy and awesome potential, latent within your mind.

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Who is Colin Ellis?

Colin is known for teaching practical methods to awaken your body’s natural restorative abilities and fire up your inbuilt happiness – using meditation as the primary tool.

He says, “Retreats create quantum jumps in your personal evolution

He is known as:

  • A meditation mentor,
  • Author,
  • Coach,
  • Lead Trainer at Meditation Teacher College

To find out more, and connect with Colin, see his website, HERE